Brow Fusion is a new, revolutionary, professional system that takes several treatment elements and fuses them together in a three part technique.

Achieving the perfect customised brow design for the client by using traditional techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading.

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Lash Couture

No longer the domain of celebrities this highly profitable service is one of the most popular treatments requested. The luxury of waking up each morning, without the need for make-up, with lucious lashes that open up the eye will bring clients back for regular infills and repeat treatments.

Lash Couture lashes are applied individually to the natural lashes in a pain free, relaxing treatment to produce a fuller and longer set of lashes to wow your clients. 

Whether worn for special occasions or for general day to day wear, therapists can provide their clients with a range of looks from natural to dramatic without the need for mascara.

Lash Couture - Individual Lash and Volulux Russian/Volume/XD Lash Training

Lash couture has a strong commitment to provide high quality training. Providing just the correct balance of theoretical knowledge, practical hints and tips. You can be assured of quality instruction that will ensure highly skilled training.

Your training is delivered by an intial one day course which combines essential theory along with the intricate practical application. As with all new skills practice is of the utmost importance and you improve and gain confidence with every treatment you do. We therefore require following your training 5 case studies.

Lash Couture - Lash Extension Products

Lash Couture products gives you the opportunity to offer this treatment with our high quality professional products provided at the best possible prices. 

Our non-odour adhesive made in the E.U gives lashes longevity due to its strength and flexibility, with the added bonus of having an extended shelf life.

Lash Couture lashes come in a wide variety of thicknesses, curl definitions and lengths. The lashes are of high quality and closely resemble the natural lash so only you and your client will know that they are not their own. In addition they are lightweight (making them extremely comfortable to wear), waterproof, temperature resistant and chlorine proof - so ideal for swimming.