Brow Fusion is a new, revolutionary, professional system that takes several treatment elements and fuses them together in a three part technique.

Achieving the perfect customised brow design for the client by using traditional techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading.

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Want to be on the leading edge of the Lash Industry and set yourself apart from the competition?

Russian Lashes (so called as the technique originated in Russia) is the art of applying multiple extra fine lashes (between 2 and 6 lashes) to one individual lash. The resulting look is full, volumous and glamourous. This technique is ideal for those clients with lashes which are fine, sparse or have gaps, while not putting a strain on the natural lash. These lashes are lightweight and strong and very comfortable to wear. 

The technique is intricate so it is essential that learners hold a certified individual lash extension certificate and have at least 1 year working experience on lash treatments. Proof of certificate is required before booking.

Why do I require a training if I already hold a lash certificate?

The Russian Lash technique is a completely different technique to the normal lash method of application. It is not as simple as just picking up 2-6 lashes and applying them to a lash. It is essential that correct weight distribution is applied along with ensuring the correct amount of adhesive is used along with the correct dipping method.

This intensive one day course will cover

Theory required for XD lashes; Weight distribution; Correct volume lash pick up and creating the perfect fan; Adhesive application; Lash Placement; Techniques - capping, graduating and feathering.

The training is broken down into step by step stages to allow the learner to gain confidence before progressing to the next stage.

A pre-learning manual will be sent out one week before the course to cover all essential health and safety information and a short assessment paper will be completed at the end of the course. The pre-learning manual will ensure that the time spent within the clasroom will concentrate on the practical application.

After training learners will be required to complete 5 case studies before being issued with their certificates. Ongoing support and access to our private Facebook group are available after certification.

£375.00 Fully Inclusive

Kit comprises of

1 x 25ml Lash Prime; 1 x Lash Couture Pro Adhesive (fast setting but with very little odour); 1 x Gel Remover; Glue Rings; 1 x XD Pick Up Tweezers; 5 x 0.07mm Lashes in vary lengths.